We are looking for new writers! If you enjoy writing and want to learn, have a good time and be active within the faculty, this could be something to look at.

Why join Diemensies?

The main reason to join is probably because it’s a lot of fun to make a magazine with a group of other psychology students. We have a meeting almost every Wednesday at the faculty and after that we have drinks at De Minnaara nice bar.

How to join?

Want to join Diemensies? Send us an e-mail: diemensies.gmw@rug.nl. We will provide you with information about Diemensies and provide you with the theme of the edition we are working on. You’ll have to write a try-out piece, which will be given feedback by members of the board, or “buddies” as we call them. Diemensies is also a place to learn, so remember that your writing doesn’t have to be perfect.

We hope to hear from you!