Software for social network analysis

Huisman, Mark and van Duijn, Marijtje A.J. (2011). A reader's guide to SNA software. In J. Scott and P.J. Carrington (Eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Social Network Analysis (pp. 578-600). London: SAGE.

Website accompanying the chapter, listing software links and references.

General Software Packages

  • Agna: Applied Graph and Network Analysis
  • DyNet (SE and LS): Data-driven visualizations
  • GUESS: The Graph Exploration System
  • MultiNet: Exploratory analysis
  • NetVis: Dynamic Visualization of Social Networks
  • Network Workbench: Analysis, modeling, and visualization
  • ORA: Dynamic network analysis
  • Pajek: Program for large network analysis
  • Sentinel Visualizer: Link analysis and visualization
  • SocNetV: Social Networks Visualiser
  • UCINET 6: Comprehensive social network analysis software
  • visone: Analyis and visualization of social networks

  • igraph (R, Python, C): Creating and manipulating graphs
  • JUNG (Java): Java Universal Network/Graph framework
  • libSNA (Python): Open-source library for social network analysis
  • NetworkX (Python): Package for complex networks
  • NodeXL (Excel): Viewing and analyzing network graphs
  • SNA (R): Social Network Analysis tools
  • Commercial/Non-free
  • Blue Spider: Network analysis
  • InFlow: Network mapping
  • mdlogix solutions: VisuaLyzer, LinkAlyzer, EgoNet
  • NetMiner 3: Exploratory analysis and visualization of network data

  • SNAP (Gauss): Social Network Analysis Procedures
  • yFiles (Java): Visualization of networks
  • No longer updated (often DOS-based)
  • GRADAP: Graph Definition and Analysis Package
  • STRUCTURE: Structural analysis
  • Specialized Software Packages

  • Blanche: Network dynamics
  • CID-ABM: Competing Idea Diffusion Agent Based Model
  • CFinder: Finding and visualizing dense groups
  • C-IKNOW: Knowledge networks
  • CiteSpace: Visualizing patterns and trends in scientific literature
  • Commetrix: Dynamic network visualization and analysis
  • E-Net: Ego-NETwork analysis
  • EgoNet: Egocentric networks
  • Financial Network Analyzer: Financial networks
  • KeyPlayer: Identifying nodes
  • KliqFinder: Cohesive subgroups
  • Network Genie: Network surveys
  • PGRAPH: Kinship networks
  • PNet: Exponential random graph models (ERGMs)
  • Puck: Kinship networks
  • ReferralWeb: Referral chains
  • SIENA: Statistical analysis
  • SONIVIS: Analyzing and visualizing virtual information spaces
  • StOCNET: Statistical Analysis
  • UNISoN: Download messages
  • VennMaker: Actor-centered interactive network mapping tool

  • statnet suite (R): Statistical analysis
  • tnet (R): Analysis of weighted and longitudinal networks
  • UrlNet (Python): Web mining
  • Commercial/Non-free
  • MetaSight: Knowledge and e-mail networks
  • Network Genie: Network surveys
  • ONA surveys: Organizational Network Analysis survey tool

  • MatMan (Excel): Structural analysis
  • No longer updated (often DOS-based)
  • FATCAT: Contextual analysis
  • NEGOPY: Cohesive subgroups
  • PermNet: Permutation tests
  • Snowball: Hidden populations
  • Visualization Software

  • aiSee: Graph visualization
  • Apache Agora: Visualizing virtual communities
  • Cytoscape: Visualizing molecular interaction networks
  • Gephi: Visualization and exploration platform
  • Graphviz: Graph visualization
  • Jacob's Ladder: Multidimensional Data Animation, Visualization and Intonation
  • KrackPlot: Social network visualization program
  • Mage: 3D vector display program (showing kinemage graphics)
  • NetDraw: Program associated with UCINET
  • OGDF (successor of AGD): Open Graph Drawing Framework
  • Otter: Tool for topology display
  • SoNIA: Visualizing longitudinal network data
  • Tulip: Visualization of large graphs
  • uDraw(Graph) (successor of daVinci): Graph drawing
  • Zoomgraph Visualizing zoomable data driven graphs
  • Commercial/Non-free
  • KeyHubs: Mapping informal networks
  • TouchGraph: Information visualization
  • Other than Social Networks

  • AutoMap: Network text analysis
  • Ecosystem Network Analysis: Ecosystem trophic networks
  • EveSim: Simulation of Evolutionary Environments
  • WAND: Ecological network analysis
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